LED technology is not only an investment in the future, it is already worthwhile. The significantly lower energy consumption as well as savings for replacement and maintenance due to the longer service life ensure a fast amortization. The higher efficiency of LEDs results in less waste heat, while in air-conditioned rooms energy consumption is also reduced. Unused ballasts and starters and the considerably longer service life reduce maintenance costs to a large extent.

Plastimat LEDan compared to a fluorescent tube

 Plastimat LEDanconventional fluorescent tube
Lifetime >40.000 h ~8.000 h
Voltage 230 V 230 V
Power consumption 18 W 68 W
Color rendering index >80 >80
Ballast not required required
Starter dummy or direct connection required
Environment RoHS
No UV radiation
Without pollutants
Little CO2 emissions
UV radiation
Containing harmful substances
High CO2 emissions
Special waste
Maintenance low high, since short life
Heat development low high
Special features no flicker partial flickering
Energy saving up to 75%  

The values given refer to a Plastimat LEDan and a conventional fluorescent tube (KVG) with a length of 150 cm. The stated power consumption is understood as including ballast

Energy cost development

kvg led vergleich

Assuming an annual energy price increase of 10% and 1000 illuminants used in the version 150 cm and continuous lighting.

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