LEDan - Serie 09 

The intelligent control unit for the TRiDrive product family

Product description
Use the control unit TRiBox DIMM to integrate various products from the Plastimat company into modern lighting management systems. This enables you to control these products with state-of-the-art sensors such as light sensors, motion and presence sensors. This results in considerable additional potential savings.


The TRiBoxDimm is compatible with all Plastimat products  which are operated with controls of the TRiDrive family.


The TRiBox DIMM can always be used in conjunction with a TRiDrive family controller, whether it is an LED panel (series 01) or a LED tube (series 08).

The compatibility of the individual lighting systems among each other is the decisive advantage of the Plastimat product family. Through this property, these products can be centrally controlled and controlled via central lighting management systems.

Product advantages compared to other products and in conjunction with the TRiBox DIMM


  • Linear dimming for further savings in energy costs for LED panels (series 01) or LED tubes (series 08)
  • Suitable for push dimming (digital)
  • Dimming in CC mode via DALI, push dimming or 1-10V
  • Integration of external sensors, such as light sensors, movement and presence detectors, …etc and for further
  • Savings potential (PVM input)
  • Very low standby losses in conjunction with Plastimat drivers
  • 1 controller manages up to 80 controllers
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Emergency power operation possible
  • Overvoltage protection
  • 60 months warranty

Connection diagrams (shown schematically in conjunction with LED panel)
led an serie tribox anschlussplan

The TRiBox DIMM can control up to 80 controllers of the TRiDrive family. The TRiBox is able to support 1-10V or DALI light management systems, as well as sensors such as presence detectors, light 246/5000 Tund motion sensors

The TRiBox DIMM is ENEC certified.

led an serie tribox

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