Plastimat continues reflector products from PLA-REFLEX

plareflex produktionThe German traditional company PLASTIMAT GmbH takes over from PLA-REFLEX GmbH, a company of the Swarovski-Group, the development, production and distribution of reflector products for the application in road traffic.

Since several decades PLASTIMAT as well as PLA-REFLEX take care of the increase of road safety for protection of lives.
PLASTIMAT started in the year 1973 with a new production practice for road guide posts. Since that time products for new safety standards on the roads of Europe are continuously developed.
PLA-REFLEX was established in the year 1950 as a division of Swarovski and is producing intelligent, robust and durable reflector products on the base of retroreflective elements made of technical glass.

PLASTIMAT CEO Guido Hillmann: ‘’We intend to increase road safety in the future under main consideration of ecological aspects. PLA-REFLEX reflector products are based on the environmentally acceptable and robust material glass making the products durable and sustainable.” Furthermore PLASTIMAT intends to establish a regional office in Austria.

PLA-REFLEX CEO Johannes Oberdanner: ‘’The traditional company PLASTIMAT is a reliable partner of PLA-REFLEX since many years.
We have the same ambition for our companies as well as the high quality standard, reliability and innovative power. Therefore we are very glad that the products and the strong brand PLA-REFLEX will be continued by PLASTIMAT”.

During the next weeks the know-how is transferred and the production-related requirements will be established in the plant of PLASTIMAT.
The high quality retroreflective components made of technical glass from Swarovski will be purchased from Wattens/Tirol whereas the further processing to the final product will be transferred to Rheda-Wiedenbrück/Westfalen. In the future products with the brand PLA-REFLEX should maintain the high resistance against the enormous physical and chemical strain of reflectors in road traffic.

The ambition will be the same: PLA-REFLEX – we protect lives.

Planned start of production is the 15.10.2020. Deliveries starting 01.11.2020.
We hope on a good collaboration according to our guideline: PLASTIMAT – your partner at and on the roads.


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