The company Feldmann Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG in Geseke, produces coatings for various industrial and food products in shifts and uses the LEDan tube in the production area. "The main benefit of the LED technology lies in the current savings of over 70% compared to the classic fluorescent tube," says Ulrich Klute, technical manager at Feldmann Packaging.

The LED tubes offer further advantages in terms of safety and light quality. Due to the plastic cover of the LED tube, the glass breakage risk is not present and the tubes do not have to be encapsulated separately. The LED tubes with 5,000 K emit "daylight" and thus contribute to better color reproduction.

Wegu Wegu GmbH Leichtbaussysteme in Kassel produces products made of thermoplastics for the automotive industry. At the Kassel site, the LEDan tubes from Plastimat are used in individual workstations.

In the case of quality control, the highest possible illuminance and a good color reproduction are required. The high efficiency (lumens per watt) and the very good light properties were decisive for the lighting change. The goal is to upgrade to energy-saving lighting throughout the production process in the long term.

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