Plastimat Wiedenbrueck

Our philosophy

Mobility is an important and essential part of life in today’s society and the steadily increasing individual traffic also means new challenges to road safety.

Plastimat GmbH has taken up this challenge and produced since 1973 products that set new safety standards on the roads of Europe. Plastimat is a plastic processor and manufacturer of cable assemblies / units with electrical / electronical components. Their own development, CAD/3D-design and tool making make it possible to respond to individual customer requests on demand at short notice.

Our products


Own products and innovation performance in our core business is the guarantee for maximum flexibility for Plastimat to produce at short notice as required and on demand. In addition, financing with more than 50% own capital is a healthy basis for entrepreneurial independence.

The company really wants to set up technological pioneering work to provide new innovative products and to optimize already available products in order to increase the safety standards on the road.


Security needs reliability

Plastimat Drehwerkzeug


The most innovative solutions lose their value when it is not 100 % guaranteed that they are of practical use. That’s why Plastimat sets a high standard in its Quality Assurance both in development and production: our computerized quality management has been certified by TÜV according to ISO/TS 16949.

The use of CAD and CAM systems in the design and production makes it possible for our Quality Assurance to exclude in advance with maximum precision any possible sources of error. The partners of Plastimat can therefore always rely on a high level of quality – especially for orders at short notice.


With security in the future

Plastimat Massivkontakte

A look at the development of the automotive market shows that the limits of mobility are far from being achieved. The resulting pressure to innovate is a new challenge for automotive manufacturers, suppliers and even for the legislator. The globalization of the markets, the Europe-wide standardization of norms and the central problem of the ecological compatibility of the products and their manufacturing processes require an adaptable business plan from companies like Plastimat.

Plastimat has already proved that it is possible to plan and develop in the past for the future providing that the company can react with flexibility to the changes and is able to expand and update its core competencies. From a business perspective, this means that Plastimat can anticipate potential pressure to innovate and influence the demand. From the customer perspective this means up to date security. Plastimat remains a competent partner in the global industry.

Safety for our environment

People and their desire to enjoy their freedom of movement safely are the focus of Plastimat philosophy. However, road traffic means not only mobility but is also a burden for the ecosystem and thus for the people themselves. Consequently, Plastimat decided to not only make high quality products affordable but also to produce them ecologically. This successful concept has been integrated in its company strategy.

Plastimat – Your partner on and for roads