Dig-in delineator

  • Eingrab Leitpfosten160 cm length
  • According to HLB 57 and DIN EN 12899-3, smooth surface
  • Material ND-PE, UV stabilized
  • Wall thickness 3 mm
  • Temperature resistant - 40 to 80 ° C
  • Without / with holes for telephone signs
  • In different profile and reflector configurations
Profil - Specifications:


Reflector - Specifications:

Plastic Reflektor lang Plastic Reflektor rund Glasperlen Reflektor lang Glasperlen Reflektor rund

Extraction protection:

Sicherungsfuß KreuzprofilFußwulst Hohl-, Rohrprofil, Profilkern


Telefonhinweiszeichen (Niet- oder Klebeversion) MP 55


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