Uniform kilometric points for Germany according to ASB

The BMVBS proposes the uniform design of the kilometric points:

  • Attachment on both sides in the upper area (head) of the guide post
  • Size of the station panel 140 x 90 x 9 mm
  • Used front heights 10, 25 and 40 mm


System for positioning kilometric points

The more economical application and, in particular, the higher quality in the determination of the position, lead to the fact that the previous kilometer blocks are replaced step by step. In addition to rescue workers, fire brigades and police, the road makers need clear position data.
With the CLIP-IN and the NIET system, Plastimat has in its range two solutions for positioning. A field program for both systems ensures maximum flexibility in the application.

Naturally, all specifications of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development are taken into account.

Niet System
NIET-System - can be installed on all guide posts
Savings of approx. 75% in purchase as well as reduction of the follow-up costs due to small spare parts costs compared to traditional triangular signs

Reduced repair times and easy installation on existing guide posts
When washing the guide posts, the station sign is also cleaned
No additional obstacle when mowing
Long service life by using impact-resistant, weather-resistant plastic
All numbers, letters and symbols are scratch-resistant, because they are dye

CLIP IN System
CLIP-IN-System - the elegant solutio

Additional extension of the lifespan due to all around protection against mechanical stress
Saving of 8 plastic rivets due to snap connection
No drilling and riveting necessary, thus saving of working time
Guiding posts with deepening are sold at the same price as normal guide posts (no financial extra costs)
Improvement of the overall optical impression


Road construction sign
  Size Version Article-No. VE
Construction panel grey 90 mm x 140 mm x 9 mm Rivets 475 000 200 1
Construction panel grey 90 mm x 140 mm x 9 mm Clip-In 475 000 100 1


Positioning signs for trees
  Size Version Article-No. VE
Tree positioning sign 3-piece 68 mm x 44 mm without numbers 475 100 000 1
Tree positioning sign 5-piece 110 mm x 44 mm without numbers 475 200 000 1
Letter field "N" 17,5 mm x 28,5 mm   400 001 009 1
Empty field "green" 17,5 mm x 28,5 mm   475 100 010 1