In recent years, electricity consumption in Germany has averaged 550 TWh (source: Umweltbundesamt). About 10 - 11% of the electricity is used in Germany to generate light. In many industries this part  is much higher.

An energy saving of 75%, as achieved with the use of Plastimat LEDan lamps, means the saving of several power plants and large quantities of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

CO² Emission

A classic fluorescent tube produces 3.5 times more CO² than the Plastimat LEDan luminaire. (150cm, calculated according to CO² emission factor Strommix, source: Umweltbundesamt)

Reducing waste and recycling the recyclable material means a significant relief for people and the environment. Plastimat LEDan lamps have up to five times the lifespan of traditional fluorescent lamps and are also free of mercury and other environmentally hazardous heavy metals.

A recyclable Plastimat LEDan luminaire stands up to five classic mercury-containing fluorescent tubes.


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